Working across Shropshire and Mid Wales for many years I have become well known as the first port of call when the Moles become active. Take a look at what some of my customers have to say.....


"Unfortunately I had a problem with moles in my garden, Alan was recommended to me by one of the locals in Ruyton XI Towns.  Alan arrived straight away to sort my mole problem out as they were making a terrible mess of my garden. Alan lay the traps and got to work straight away, I found him to be a very pleasant friendly chap and certainly an expert in mole catching. He returned for two days, morning and evening, to check the traps and sure enough he caught the little ........ Thankfully the moles have not returned (thanks to Alan) I would gladly recommend Alan for any mole problems as he is very professional and thorough with eradicating moles."

Debs ~ Ruyton XI Towns


"I have a smallholding of approximately seven acres which was suffering from an abundance of moles, both in the formal gardens and in the fields. Shropshire Mole Control were employed to solve the problem for me, which they did both quickly and efficiently, removing some nineteen moles over a period of about a week, and a further four two weeks later.
Their service was unobtrusive and professional, they respected the integrity of the property, set their traps with the minimum of damage to the land (far less than the moles were doing), came to check and reset regularly without constantly bothering me, and their bill was very reasonable considering the time they spent and the effectiveness of their treatment.
I will certainly be calling on their services in the future when new moles invade the old runs and would also have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who has a mole problem, in properties of any size from estates, through farms and smallholdings, to small gardens." 


Ross ~ Maesbury Marsh


"After suffering a ruined lawn for 18 months, and having tried numerous other options, I called in Shropshire Mole Control. They arrived on a Saturday, explained what they were going to do, returned on a Sunday and all the moles had been dealt with. I now have 2 acres of lawn again instead of a bombsite. Not only are they quick, efficient, and very economical, they are really nice people to deal with.
I would recommend them to anyone with a mole issue, don't suffer in silence like we did!"

Peter ~ Weston Rhyn


"We had a growing problem with moles at our house in South Shropshire. Despite the use of gas pellets by another Company, the mole hills on the lawn just increased. I found Alan Dawson via a Google search and three prompt visits later, using conventional traps, ten moles had been removed. The service was excellent, and at the first sign of more mole activity I will not hesitate to call Alan." 


Rupert ~ South Shropshire


"We have four or five acres of land just outside Much Wenlock. It was obviously a popular spot with the local moles as the landscape gradually began to look more cratered than the surface of the moon.
We contacted Shropshire Mole Control and Alan the Mole Man caught fifteen moles within the week.
The service we received was friendly, polite, and very efficient. We would have no hesitation in recommending Alan to anyone with a similar problem."


Anonymous ~ Much Wenlock


"We had a Mole infestation across all of our ground at our home in Shrewsbury. In the lawn, veg patch and our small orchard. We tried using all the devices they talk about on the internet but it was a waste of time. We looked for a Mole Man in the yellow Pages and found Alan.

Within a few days the problem was solved and 7 Moles had been trapped and the Moles cleared from our grounds.

Thank you for a great and extremely effective service, highly recommended."

Richard and Mary ~ Shrewsbury



"Thank you for the very prompt, very efficient service. I have
been trying to get rid of these moles for 2 years with no success. Now
not only have the moles disappeared but the mole hills have been removed
and everything is very tidy.I could not recommend this service more
highly. Many thanks again"


Simon ~ Penly



"Another successfull visit from Alan. So gratefull to him. Brilliant-the only Mole Control service we'll ever use."



Mrs & Mrs Williams ~ Cressage



"Thank you very much for your help, Brilliant job - well done. We'll tell our friends!



Sarah ~ local domestic customer



"Thank you so much for ridding me of my one and only but incredibly busy and destructive mole.   My garden path looked like the rougher side of the moon and I was in despair after four years of hard work.  Ten days on and still no further damage, but yours will be the first company I contact should I have any further problems.  My telephone message was returned instantly, you called round straight away and I was delighted with the exemplary service.  My thanks again"



Catherine ~ Near Oswestry



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