COVID-19 Pest Control is listed by the government as critical key work. As much informaton about the problem and location is discussed over the phone and then dealt with as remotely as possbible when arriving on site. I will be practicing the precautions laid out by the government to protect both you, myself and our families. Please call to address any concerns and discuss a plan of action. Stay safe. Alan  



Welcome to Shropshire Mole Control ... home of Shropshire's most successful Mole Catcher!


With over 30 years experience of catching Moles and trapping, I have learnt the best techniques, best traps and best places to catch the Mole quickly and humanely. 


Whether you have just a few molehills in your garden, or hundreds in your fields, cricket pitches, or paddocks, Shropshire Mole Control has the skill, knowledge and expertise to deal with them all.


Contact me know for a friendly no obligation chat and let me clear your Mole problem today!


Providing low cost Mole control throughout Shropshire and Mid Wales, however I am always happy to travel further afield if required.


My skill and expertise as a Mole Catcher extend to cover all domestic, commercial and agricultural situations, including;


  • Gardens
  • Caravan Sites
  • Paddocks & Smallholdings
  • Farmland
  • Churchyards
  • Parkland
  • Recreational & Sports Grounds
  • Window Boxes & Roundabouts!!


With over 30 years experience success is through the knowledge gained as a Mole Catcher in all possible situations!




  • Highly Skilled Professional Molecatcher
  • No Mole Caught ~ No Fee
  • No Site Survey Fee
  • Simple Pricing Policy
  • Environmentally Friendly Mole Catching Methods
  • Shropshires most successful Mole Man!




Call Alan now on 07976 817859 and clear your Mole problem today.


Don't make a mountain out of a molehill!


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